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Five Definitions of Culture Stated by Experts

Lampung's Museum

      Five definitions of culture stated by experts:

a.       M. Jacobs and B.J. Stern
Culture covers all forms of technology including social, ideological, religious, and arts and objects, all of which are social heritage.

b.      Koentjaraningrat
Culture is a whole system of ideas, actions, and the work of human beings in order to become a society that human beings belong to learn.

c.      Edward B. Taylor
Culture is a complex whole, that it contains the knowledge, belief, art, morals, laws, mores, and other capabilities acquired by man as a member of society.

d.      Ki Hajar Dewantara
Culture means the fruit of the human mind is the result of the struggle of man against two strong influences, the nature of the times and is a testament to the triumph of human life to overcome the obstacles and hardships in life and livelihood in order to achieve salvation and happiness at the birth is olderly and peaceful.

e.      Dr. K. Kupper

Culture is a system of ideas that guide and driver for the human in attitude and behavior, both individually and in groups.

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